Our Mission is MIGS

Our mission is to motivate, inspire, give and succeed.


We motivate our customers to help fund minority start-ups. Every time you make a purchase, you’re giving more minority entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their businesses to life.


Your purchases and our support inspire minority start-ups, giving them the confidence and foundation upon which to build their dreams.


We share 40% of our profits with our carefully selected minority start-ups, giving them access to the capital and resources they need to grow and flourish in the marketplace.


Our goal is to succeed as a business and enable other minority start-ups to succeed too. Every successful business funded through us will go on to fund future minority start-ups.

Help our Network Grow

With increased opportunity for diversity and minority talent, the economy benefits exponentially. Your purchase is the first step in the MIGS journey for a fledgling minority start-up, and buy buying one of our beautiful bracelets, you’ll be investing in the future of another minority entrepreneur. And that’s got to be a good thing.

Why is our Mission so Important?

1% of venture-backed founders in the US are black, and recent studies have shown that investors don’t prioritize investments in minority companies. As a result, cash flow and opportunities for development and expansion are limited. Our approach is different. We’re targeting investment opportunities for minority start-ups precisely because they deserve the same opportunities for success. We’ll hire and promote new minority entrepreneurs to build businesses. We know that not only will these companies lead the way when it comes to bringing new products and ideas to market, but they’ll also be the companies supporting new minority businesses in the future. We’re all about long-term, sustainable growth in businesses that have the potential to transform lives.

Your purchase allows that to happen.