About Us

We’re a minority owned company ourselves, so we know the struggles involved in gaining backing and investment. That’s why we’re so passionate about empowering others. In fact, you could view our business model as ‘identify a problem and find the right solution’.

We develop innovative solutions for some of life’s unpleasant chores. Our product is Titan Claw, the simplest hygienic dog pooper-scooper in the world.  We identified a pain-point with dog owners and set out to solve it. Who really likes using their hands to pick up their pets’ poop? Our product mimics the motion of your hands; use any plastic bag and simply slide it onto the device. Then just reach down, close the claws and pick up the poop!

Once you’re done, just pull the bag off the device and discard. It’s ingenious and obvious, but most of all, it keeps your hands clean! This product is so unique we patented it.   www.mytitanclaw.com The journey to get this product to market was a long one, and it took us several years to raise the backing, develop investments and the contacts needed to produce units in volume and at a profit, but we did it.

And in the process, we realized just how hard it is for minority owned start-ups to gain access to the support and funding they need in order to chase their dreams. We relied heavily on the support of our friends and family in the early stages of creating our product, but many entrepreneurs from minority backgrounds don’t have this opportunity, meaning that their products never become a reality and their businesses never get built. We decided to change that model, whilst at the same time providing a gorgeous product for our customers.

Check out our range of bracelets here and play your part in supporting minority start-ups across the US.

Vincent - C.E.O

Lommie - President